Had a little company...

Hello all,how are you doing today?
Have you survived Doris?
We have been outside chasing plastic greenhouse panels..and then standing on rickety steps to fix them back in place..gosh i hate the wind..its scares the living day lights out of me.Or in my best flowertot impression"it scares the petals offa me"..
Yesterday we had our daughter Fionna and grand daughter Ellanor for the day..Fionna was quite lively company..Ellanor however slept all the way through..until home time..best let sleeping babies sleep.I am not one of those grannies that insists on picking babies up..it drove me potty when i had little ones and i soon learnt to speak up..believe me no-one touched my babies unless i let them.There is plenty of time for cuddles when she gets bigger.She does have that gorgeous baby smell.

She nows weighs in at 9lb..but she is so tiny..absolutely nothing on her at all..such a cutie.
Beautiful baby girl.


  1. What is it about new baby smell that's so......mmmmmmm?! x

    1. O its so gorgeous..i could smell her all day..well until she filled her nappy that is..thats when being grandma is handy as i just hand them back.


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