What the???flaming fluffy pom poms

Hello all,how are you doing today?
Well the pom pom rug has been permanently shelved.
I started and was going great..got four lovely huge fluffly pom poms and some small ones..then i noticed my legs had a slight rash..thought nothing of it at all.
Only to be woke in the night with itching and burning hands that had swelled up and also huge red welts all over my legs(one of which is huge comaped to the other one) and also itching all over my body and my ears have swelled up as well.
Had a panic and rang the out of hours..got myself there and saw the doctor who told me i had an allergic reaction to something and the only thing i have done different is to make pom poms..so it seems i am having a reaction to the fibres in it..good grief i feel rough and like i have been battered about..so i have had to stop production and try to recover from it.
Thankfully the pills the doctor gave me are working and only one hand feels like its on fire today..
I can't believe it..i have always used wool and made bits and bobs..maybe it was the type of wool i can't be sure..but its certainly a shock.
So now i have to stop and am a little annoyed really as i so wanted us to get it done..the nurse suggested i buy them ready made lol.
O well its a small set back and am certainly grateful it was a small reaction..it doesn't feel like it but compared to what others go through with allergies it is small scale.
Have you found out you had a reaction to something..what was it and was you in shock like me?


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