One of those "Why did i do that"moments..

Hello all,how are you today?
Thank you for all the comments on my previous post..its nice to know that so many do it and enjoy it as well.
So this week i have more or less emptied every bookcase,box,bag and cupboard..i have text my older girls..why your asking?
I need a book..a particular book..The complete works of William Shakespeare..we need it for Ferns english work..can i find it..not on your nelly can i?
Then last night laid in the bath..i had a moment of remembering looking at it and thinking to myself i won't need that again and put in a box for the charity shop..duh..why o why did i do that?
The book itself cost a small fortune when i bought it years ago..i had to buy it for my older girls to use at school.
I found some for sale and the prices are so high i thought ok i will order from the Library..that copy won't be available for at least a month.
In the end i went on Ebay..and bingo hit the absolute jackpot..i found a set of Shakespeares stories in a lovely box for £3.79..the beauty is these are done for children to understand and also come with a translation set as well..Fern was over joyed as she has started to research William Shakespeare and was amazed at how some of the sayings we use today were actually invented by Shakespeare.
So from now on i will not be letting any books go for a while..i am annoyed with myself for doing it but i really never in a million years thought that one day i would need it for home schooling.Now i just need the Artist book that my eldest Andrea had and we are set for our sessions on the Great Writers and Painters..wish me luck.


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