On the Baby Countdown..update

Well its that time.yep my new grand-daughter is due well over due actually.
My daughter Fionna is having a home birth and really looking forward to it..just trying to relax for the last few days which as we all know is virtually impossible when your at the end .
I am not a pushy mum and certainly don't want to be there..i would if she wanted me to be but i think the birth of a baby is something personal and private for the parents to have for themselves.
So as soon as i know all is well i will relax..i am excited and the girls are as well.Iris in particular loves babies.
Speaking of babies we had the twins here yesteday..wow they have grown and are all over the place..playing and causing mayhem..a gentle mayhem though..toys and bits all over are absolutley no bother to tidy up..worth it as well..i got hugs and laughs from both.Iris plays with them and Fern is ok with them but she told me she is not a baby person..haha bless her.
Fingers crossed all goes well and a new little one will be here.
The baby has arrived..just gone 6 this morning ..more details to follow.
6lb 20z..born at 6.10


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