New Hoover arrived..

Hello are you today?
Well after much too-ing and fro-ing we finally decided on the hoover.
We really wanted a Henry but they are all bagged and we didn't want one of them..but if we wanted a bagless one then the price literally shot up ...we in the end plumped for a wet and dry vacuum..this was decided after a chat about how the one hubby has in his shed has lasted for 15 or more years..never had a problem with it and it has one occassion been used to empty the last dregs from the pond when it has been cleaned out.Its not a pretty hoover but it works and that is what counts.
So i read the reviews and then bought literally arrived the next morning..its brilliant and wow its sucks up the dirt..the motor didn't even get warm so no more 10 minute stints for me.

It didn't cost that much and will definitely be handy incase of any spills or leaks.

Fingers crossed its going to ast us.


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