Feeling better..

Hello all,how are you on this windy chilly and snowy day?
Have you had snow?  We had a smattering that melted as quickly as it landed..so not too bad.
Well so far we have not had to do much shopping this month just fresh stuff really which is all helping in our bank account.
I have done a sweep of the freezers and pantry and think it may last another week and if so thats a bonus..i have quite a lot of frozen meals put away and also puddings.
The girls are so excited to get snow and go out in it..but alas it was not to be..never mind.
At the moment we are concentrating on saving as much money as possible to pay for our National Trust Annual Pass. This way we can have days out in the most beautiful place and take our picnics..

We have stayed at home indoors most of this week..had to go out Tuesday but that wasn't for long.
Its nice and warm and cosy and we all have slippers on and cardigans or jumpers..the girls have got big thick comforters on their beds and my son has a thick throw on his..we have the big quilt and thats it..if we put the huge throw on that i bought earlier this year its too warm and just ends up all twisted and thrown off the the bed.The new loft insulation the council put in is working amazingly..our bedroom has always been cold..its gets all the wind and the back wall is huge and just acts like a radiator in the summer and a fridge in the winter..but since it was reinsulated the room seems to be holding its temperature and isn't taking your breath away any more when you walk in.
For meals we have had soups with thick crusty breads and warming stews.Also plenty of hot chocolate with huge marshmallows that we have left over from Christmas..we are still making our way through the ton of choclate we have left and also the last of the mince pies out the freezer.

Thankfully my swelling has gone down..my hands are now normal size and so are my ears..yep ears..i looked liked a rugby player with swollen ears..my itching has subsisided also to now and again.My lovely hubby took out the pom poms and binned them for me.I am disappointed that i can't now make the pompom rug i wanted but i seriously don't think i would have survived..in all my life i have never felt so bad and a little scared as well.Not particularly frugal but i will buy the ready made pom poms if i can find some.

My Ebay selling this year has started with a bang..5 items in a week and that money is safely locked in my paypal.Its only clothes that Iris has outgrown..i did save a pair of jeans that fit her around the waist to make into 3/4 lengths for her and the same for Fern.

Today we recieved our first seed catalogue of the year..it was very exciting to see it..knowing that the new gardening year is just around the corner.Our allotments are going to prove very useful this year again.We have a new neighbour on the allotment..not met them yet but they seem very keen and have been up in the cold weather..like we have lol.This year our sheds will get the coat of paint they desperately need and we have invested in some extra strong padlocks..you always get someone who thinks that they can take your stuff.Speaking of which i couldn't believe that the Police were warning the people who are being evacuated from their homes to lock up properly to stop looters..how low can you get..stealing from people who have been flooded or could be flooded..there are some scummy people in the world.

Little baby Ella is now weighing in at 6lb 4oz..she gained weight not lost it in the first week. She is such a little dot and slept through having her hips checked and also the heel prick test..hopefully we go and see her again next week..o she is gorgeous and really alert as well for a tiny one.
Rght ladies am off to have a warm bath and a some Weetabix later on..whilst i am all wrapped up in my fleecy housecoat reading my favourite books.


  1. In the past we have joined National Trust Scotland as it was a cheaper option while still letting you in everywhere in England. x

  2. We used to have our allotment sheds broken into on a regular basis until one night, a little scumbag got caught by his belt as he was climbing over the tall railings into the site and was stuck there all night.

    A number of us were there early that morning and found him stuck there - the police were called and while we waited for them to show up (got to wait while they had their first cup of tea of the day lol) there was a lot of conversation about sticking a gardening fork where the sun doesn't shine - one of the plot holders went off to find his garden fork just as the coppers turned up and rescued the scumbag - (the scumbag was starting to get quite stressed whilst we were talking about where we were going to shove the garden fork and kept begging us to help get him off the fence - we didnt)

    He was hauled off in the police car..... we must have scared the scumbag as none of us have had our sheds broken into since and it's been a good 18 months since this happened.

    Hope you get some good padlocks - even though it's only an old shed on an allotment - it's horrible when it's broken into and they go through your gardening stuff


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