Blue Monday..

Hello all,how are you today?

Well i have been hearing about Blue Monday on the radio and tv for a few days now.
Its the most depressing day of the year according to some experts.
1,today is the day everyone receives their credit card bills from if you over spent then today is the day you regret it.
2, your running low on funds and scrimping pennies together to make it to pay day.
3, the weather is awful..dull,grey and cold which mixed with the above makes it a pretty grim day.
4,and finally the reality of it all hits you like a brick and you vow to not overspend again..most mean it but most don't and forget all about it until next time.

So ladies is it a Blue day for you?
Here at flowertot mansion its buisness as usual..up and breakfast,schooling all done and a lovely afternoon reading .
No stress or worry about credit card bills or even any bills at all.
We didn't overspend at Christmas..mainly because we just don't have the money or a credit card to overspend on. The number 1 rule in the budget of our house is..if you can't afford it then you save for it.Its saved us many a time..we save and have a set budget for food every week..and that sometimes doesn't get used up so its rolled over to the next week.
All it takes is planning and absolutely sticking to your list..don't be tempted..i can't stress enough about meal planning..go through the pantry,fridge and freezer to see what you have then plan your menu around it..we love leftovers here.I often have leftover mash..i fry it up with an egg and some ham..lovely quick lunch.

This week end i roasted a lovely bit of beef..had quite a bit left over so that has done tea last night and lunch today..i have about 4 slices left so that will do my son's lunch for work..
My hubby was telling me earlier that a colleague from work spends £7 a day on coffee..and that is the price for just one..then at least £4 for lunch..good grief, out came my that is £55 a week and working it at a years worth is..£2.860
That total is for 52 weeks as she has it wether she is at work or not..i was in shock that is my food budget for a week..infact i probably spend less than that.No wonder they always moaned about being broke.

Our philosophy a flask and take a lunch..saves you in the long does make me chuckle when people moan about it..and one famous comment that made me laugh is "only poor people take a lunch to work"..really? How do you feel about taking your own coffee and lunch to work..does it make you feel poor or certain in the knowledge your saving money?Plus you always get what you want to eat when you do it yourself and not have to take whats left after the lunchtime rush.

So ladies i would be interested to hear if you do packed lunches and what you put in them?
Have a good day or whats left of it


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