Wow..its over for another year..

Hello all,i really hope that you all had a great Christmas..we cannot believe its over.In this home it isn't ..we have lots of food left and have only bought milk and fresh bread today.We are no planning on going anywhere near town until next year if we can help it.
Unfortunately i have got Tonsilitis yet again but this time as real treat i have an ear infection as well..i am so lucky..8 tablets a day to take for over a week..and of course i will then get Thrush as a result of the looking forward to that driving me potty as well..o well it could be worse thats what i keep saying to myself.
Back to our holiday..we have all been just totally relaxing and having some lazy days..not getting dressed and having big breakfasts..some lovely croissants and muffins with bacon yummy.

But today i got back to normalish..what passes for that in this house..i caught up with the laundry  and also meal planned for a week or two.
I put away the Christmas books and moved around more..i really do need another book case.
I used some Velcro to fix my hubby's coat..his zip has broken and i have no clue on how to fix it at all.infact the zipper fell to bits. I have ordered him a new one as the one that we fixed is ancient .

We are taking decorations down at the weekend and so i will have a really good clean then..

I have to say a big Thank you to certain ladies..Marie and Lyn..i cannot thank you enough for the lovely gifts..the girls adore theirs and the hair clips are going down a storm..the lovely glassware i received is now in my cupboard taking pride of place..the books are brilliant and will come in handy.
The best gift i received was a lovely hand-made gorgeous husband made me a wooden wedding ring..its beautiful and made from Oak..fits perfectly and the lady in the chemist spotted it and asked where i got it..i told her my hubby made it..she was taken with it,she should see the little delicate ones he made for the tiny but perfect.

Its all back to buisness at the bank account..that never stops does it..all our bills have gone out for another month and we are still in the black..brilliant.
I was listening to report on the radio that says 1 in 5 folks will be dreading their credit card bills in January after having over spent in December..and that even more people will be filing for bankruptcy.
I am also concerned on a report i read that states food prices will be rising next year and staying now my pantry will come in handy more than ever. I will be doing an inventory of it from top to bottom in the next week or so and stocking up on what i need.Which means our allotments will be more valuable than ever to our food production.
Budgetting again will be very high on our agenda..i already have quite a few bundles of clothes put aside ready to sell next year.I can't believe how invaluable Ebay was last year to our this year i am planning on selling more..keep the clutter down and as they say ones mans trash is another mans treasure.I am also planning on upcycling a lot of bits and bobs i have in the spare room..and also setting some goals for projects that i want to do with the girls.
A pom pom rug is one of them..i have plenty of wool and will need nimble little fingers .

Now we are waiting for our newest little member of the family to make an appearance..Fionna is having a home fingers crossed all goes well.

We are off now to have tea..
love to you all


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