What are your family traditions..

Hello again..
If your reading this then really you should be in bed or your on the other side of the world and its daylight.
We were talking to our girl Fionna earlier this week about Christmas's from when they were small.
She was so excited about it..we love taking the girls out for a walk on Christmas eve afternoon/evening to look at the lights on the houses and also to see if they could spot Santa???..this was primarily a cover for us.
It gave me an empty house to move gifts from the hiding place to the downstairs utility area ready for setting out later on..then i would start to bring down all our food that we had saved and put away for our holiday.
We would also start a box in September and every week add a few little treats to it..chocolates,crisps,pop and cakes..all would be brought down and stored ready for us to enjoy.

Our other tradition is a big fry up on Christmas Eve..i'm talking sausage,bacon,mushrooms,eggs fried bread and a huge pot of tea. Wonderful..then a quick walk and home..bath and stories then bedtime.But just before they go to bed ..we have to set out a nice glass of milk,a mincepie and a Thank you note.
We try to keep these going ..now they have become part of my girls lives as well..Fionna does the same and wants to create the magic that we did for them for her children..it brought tears to my eyes that she has great memories and wants to pass them on.
This year we are having a takeaway..yep my son is totally treating us..i am so looking forward to it.
Fern and Iris are excited to go on the walk with Daddy..and i am excited to hear the story of how they may have heard Santa's Jingle bells..
So ladies what little things do you?


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