Someone pass the tissues and Vick..

Hello all ,how are you?
As you may have guessed we have been poorly in this house..snot,snot and more snot. Sneezing for a medal and sore throats plus a fog horn hubby and the girls have come down with it..sam has started now so it won't be long before i get it..its inevitable really.
So after a week of snot and disturbed nights we are all feeling a little frazzled around the edges.
That is why this morning lifted our spirits and i had a tear or girls and i are very lucky indidviduals .
We have 2 lovely friends who sent us a box of i have itchy fingers and can't wait to open so excited ..we all did a happy dance in the kitchen..hubby thought i had gone loopy again.
I was that happy i decided to over look the rather sour faced postie who just banged on the door and said Here..nothing else just just wow..i think my Good morning and Thank you were wasted on him..i don't care how busy you are you should always be polite.
Manners maketh the man..he obviously missed that one.
Bet you a quid he is single ..ooh thats mean isn't it.Probably true though.
Anyway forgetting the sour puss who does absolutely nothing to promote the post office in anyway shape or form..we opened our parcel..from Marie..o my gosh ..and the card is exquisite..that is going in my memory box for sure.We have all been touching and having a crafty feel of them..the girls say Thank You and Happy Christmas to you all.They are quite excited and promptly popped them under our tree..

 We had just gotten over the shock of this parcel..when another arrived.

 O wow Lyn..i can't wait to open these for sure..i can't thank you enough..
The girls and i say Thank you..Merry Christmas to you and yours..

All safe under the tree..away from prying fingers..except mine haha..
So from my snot ridden home i am going to bed now..i am tired and have to go out tomorrow..yuk..
love to you both


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