Ok..checklist done..

Hello all..my check list is done and i have everything we need..its too late now..we are not going anywhere today at all.
My turkey or should i say pteradactyl of turkeys is cooking in the oven..veg prep will happen later and we are putting our feet to enjoy the festivities.
I am chilled out and relaxed..no stress here.
Looking forward to my takeaway.
The girls are watching Disney films and the fellas are chilling as well.
All has gone to plan and now we are reaping the rewards of a relaxing Christmas.
The little treats i have put away will be brought down later and oohed and arrhed over.
So for now ladies i am off for a day or two.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank you for following my blog and leaving many comments,thankfully all of them kind ones.
Love to you all


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