Not long to go..and treat for me

Hello all,how are you?
Its not long til the big day now.
Our house is full of laughter and also appreciation.
We appreciate what we have,a lovely home,each other and good friends.
The gifts under the tree are a temptation for me and the girls..we keep having a feel and trying to work out what they are..naughty aren't we.

I have been gven some money as a i am treating myself to a book..its old and i bet it smells old as well..i am so excited to get it..i have been watching it for quite a while hoping and praying no one else will buy it.
Once it arrives i will post a pic..its not to everyones taste but i love it and its my treat to myself.
I admit i am a bookaholic and my life long ambition is to have a room full of bookcases and a comfy chair to while away my rainy days..

I cannot pass a book shop without having a peek..and if i find one well you would think i had won the lottery.
What about you ladies..whats your passion?


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