Welcome November..this year is really going way too fast

Hello all,how are you today?
Its the 1st of November today..what happened to October..where did it go.
We so far are totally enjoying our half term.
We have picked and washed and stored the rest of our apple crops..we got about 60 apples so they should last a good while..i sorted them out and put the ones with light marks and bruises in the fruit bowls so they could be eaten first as for the rest well they are all stored in cool shed in boxes so hopefully we will still be enjoying them at the end of the month. We do eat a lot of fruit not a bad thing really.
Our dog went to the groomers this morning and has come back looking fabulous with a little blue neckerchief ..so cute.
I have been and picked up hubby's prescription,cooked lunch for my son who is working 5-9 tonight and done loads of laundry..i took down our Halloween decorations and put them away until next year..we didn't get one Trick or Treater last night..never mind we will keep the sweeties for ourselves.
The girls have been catching up with their reading,Iris has been colouring and they have been playing board games ..all in all quite relaxing and just having fun.
We are hoping to go on an Autumn walk at the end of the week.

Today i had to ring Wilkinsons about my roller blind..i haven't had it long and the chain has felt a bit loose for a few days,anyway this morning it came off completely and no matter what we did we couldn't get the darn thing back in..i rang Wilko's to see if i could get a replacement part..the man on the end of the phone was so helpful and is actually giving me the parts and sending it next day delivery for me..to say i was surprised is an understatement..no-one really gives you anything for free do they.But he ordered me a new part and wouldn't hear of me paying ...and it was only 6 weeks old so he did it no hassle no problem and was so polite..so thank you for that. I know it was his job but he was really nice and very thorough with making sure i got the right bit to replace the broken one. Its not often you get bad customer service these days but it seems people take for granted the good ones..so i want to say Thank you..it was a pleasant and easy conversation.
How about you have you experienced good or bad customer service?


  1. I know what you mean about the year going by very quickly. I feel the same way. This year has been full of changes for me, and there are still some things to look forward to before it ends. Your apple harvest sounds very impressive... I have only planted my apple tree this year so it will be a long, long time before I can enjoy such abundant crops!

    1. Hi..yes it seems to be flying by at the moment.
      O it won't be long until you are enjoying your fruits..our apples are so sweet..and taste better because we have grown them ourselves

  2. Never used Wilkinson as none in our area.
    We had three trick or treaters, three to start with, then two and two more, so seven children in total, far fewer than in recent years. Maybe this import from the USA is actually waning in interest ... I can only hope so!
    What a lovely apple crop. We don't have any apple trees but we have a walnut tree (fully grown well over 150 years old) but the squirrels have stripped the tree of all the nuts this year, the first time they've done this in 31 years since we came to our house here.
    Your dog soundsd very handsome with a neckerchief after grooming!
    Margaret P

  3. Always nice to hear of good customer service, I try to be a good customer too. Hope the part does the trick.

  4. Well done on lots of apples in storage :-)

    It's nice to get good customer service and even nicer when it is noticed and commented on. Some folk are so quick to complain about bad service, so we should always take the time to say thank and point out good service :-)

  5. We only had 2 trick or treaters so that was a disappointment as well. Someone knocked the door at 9 but I had locked up by then and I don't think little ones should be out that late.

    I always acknowledge good service, and when required give good reviews. Having worked with the public for 25 years it is nice to receive a thankyou as well, it makes the job worthwhile.

    I hope Simon's leg is healing

    I hope the girls are well tell them Flora sends lots of purrrrrrs

    Marie xx


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