Old books..beautiful books.

Hello all how are you today?
Chilly isn't it?
Lovely to see the garden all white with crispy frost in the mornings..gone by lunch time only to come creeping back later on.
So grateful to be in a warm house and all cosy.
I read Katies recycle blog yesterday to be delighted to find she has found a copy of this book below..only 50p as well bargain.
I have a copy of this book and the another too..the one above..The Three Golliwogs..i bought both online and only a few pounds for both..they are gorgeous books and so politically incorrect they are bound to be banned sooner or later.
I also have a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin..
Mine is from the 1940's and published by Fredrick Warne & Co.
It could be worth a fortune but i wouldn't part with it .
I have lots of old books and i have been over the years collecting Vintage Ladybird books as well as Enid Blyton,Beatrix Potter and Cicely Mary Barker..i adore books and think i would have to be totally not in my right mind to get rid of them.
I love the smell of the old books,musty i know, but the best thing is going to a book shop and i mean an antique shop to be welcomed by that smell.
My prize possession is a copy of The Three Elizabeths..i hunted high and low for this book only to be met with huge prices and crappy copies..i can remember being about 9 or 10 and reading this book at my grans..i fell in love with it and unfortunately it went missing when my gran passed away.
My daughters then boyfriend now husband found a copy for me a few years ago for a christmas gift.

I think having books is the best thing you can do for yourself and children..not only can you disappear into a whole new world,they help your imagination,fill you with information and also help with spelling and literacy skills and they are cheap or free if you use the library .

We have a reading list and i order books by the arm load from the local library
Ferns is full of Micheal Morpurgo at the moment and Iris loves Russell Hoban..i am so lucky that my passion for books has been passed along to all my children who read daily..no matter how busy they get they always find time to grab half an hour to read.
I find reading relaxing and i also look forward to bath time..i get to read whilst i double dose on relaxation in a bubble bath.
I know i got my passion and love for books from my gran..she would go to the library every week with her wicker basket and fill it up..then every afternoon for an hour we would read..i was over the moon when she let me pick my own books for the first time..i literally devoured them and couldn't wait to go back for more.
I encouraged my husband to read but he wasn't interested..thankfully a friend of his lent him a David Gemmell book about 20 years ago..since then he has been an avid reader and now appreciates what i see in them.
Sometimes our house is totally silent..no tv,no radio just the occassional sound of someone turning a page.
Perfect afternoon.


  1. I love the fact that there are now many publishers reprinting old books, I've just had a couple of days loving Angela Thirkell -Marling Hall totally a different world from the upper classes of 1942. I've collected all Beatrix Potters for under £1 each from boot sales and picked up one or two favourites from the past from Amazon that I would never have been able to find again.

  2. O yes lots of publishers are now realizing there is a market for the old books out there..i love Beatrix Potter i only have a few but they are gorgeous.
    The book i mentioned The Three Elizabeths is extremely hard to get hold of these days..if i see one i like and its a one off i will buy it as you never know if it will be back.

  3. Beautiful books, I have just started collecting Enid Blyton and Ladybird books, I remember them well as a child, I just found an old Ladybird sleeping beauty at the carboot for £1.00, I love the pictures, x

    1. O Wow did you really,,you lucky devil you..i have been after one of those for ages..and ladybird Cinderella as well..i keep my eyes open for them.
      O i love Enid Blyton..simple stories with no malice in them..lovely books

  4. i have an 8 year old grandson whos addicted to Terry Patchett adult books, he started on the childrens ones and progressed rather to fast


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