Black Friday..

Hello all.
I was watching scenes of absolute chaos earlier in America..what the heck?
Fighting over things and pushing people out the way to get a it really a bargain though if you get hurt or trampled or shot as the case maybe.
My son is working today and is on the afternoon shift thankfully..he says its been getting busier all week and the warehouse at the back is chocka block with items..thing is some of the items are not that much of a bargain really..but he is on til gone 6 tonight..surely there won't be anything left by then.
I haven't been online shopping today as i honestly don't need anything bargain or not..i know i am lucky to be able to say that..
I was so glad to see that a certain supermarket hasn't done any Black Friday was busy when hubby went but not that horrific he had to fight through the crowds..
Have you been online or been to the sales themselves?


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