Big stags,little stags and ones that just stare at you...

Hello all,how are you today?
Firstly welcome to my new follower Emily Lockett..welcome to my little blog..
I have my camera back gorgeous husband managed to find a card reader so i can upload my pics..what would i do with out him.
We have had a lovely half term,few just sit back and relax days and then a baking session and a movie day.
As all the other children were back at school we took the opportunity to go to Belton House for the day.
It was fantastic..we had the adventure playground to ourselves almost and the coffee shops were deserted so we had a choice were to go for our treat.We chose the stable warm and welcoming in there..lots of old bits and bobs all over from the house itself and of course the old stables.A huge clock hung on the wall..and for its age which i would hate to guess ,it was keeping had to squint to see the numerals on it..they have almost worn off..but a lovely piece nevertheless.
We walked down the 1 mile sheep poop to dodge which is an absolute bonus..i noticed all the stags were out and about out came my trusty little camera..
 The sheep sitting down were not giving us the confidence to keep walking but thankfully it didn't rain.

 This is the one that just kept staring at me..there are few more of him further down

 Unfortunately this fella decided he was going to pee and poop as i took a picture..

 See i told you he was just staring me out..

 Still staring....

My camera card was full by the time we finished our walk up the drive..we had to swap it over last week and forgot to change it no lovely pictures of the woods or me swing like a lunatic on the Zip wire..
We had our lunch in the little cubby and then went to the book shop.
Fern found some Jaqueline Wilson that she hasn't read yet and hubby found some he wanted and Iris and i bought this..
 A bargain at 50p..and the poems and illustrations are just beautiful.
On the way home it clouded over and the wind got up..we were a little chilly when we got in but it was a  great  day..and one we hope to repeat in the coming weeks..we ate all the food i took with us so it didn't really cost us much apart from the book shop and our teas at the stables.We had a big tea of Sausages, Potatoes ,Peas and Gravy with fruit cake and custard for pudding.Believe me the girls went to bed absolutely worn out and happy.
Its a truly beautiful place to go and visit.
Still staring..


  1. Nice stags, but did you not go into the house? I'd have loved a look around in there! But then, architecture, history, décor, antiques, art ... that's what I love! Mind you, the stags are nice ... (only joking!)
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Margaret..o yes we love going into the was closed for cleaning on the day we went..its so beautiful inside..if you want to see Belton House Uk..its gorgeous

  2. I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing all the sights and you adventure. Those stags are huge!

    1. Hi Debbie..yes they are massive when you get closer..some are huge and the antlers make them look bigger


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