Baking day..and picture frames.

I love my Saturdays..i bake for the week..i have been giving it a miss now and then and some of the cakes went off during the summer and i was a little annoyed at having to throw them the cooler weather is here i hope they won't go off but get eaten .

I have also finally got up my picture i printed off..i have placed it above our book case in the living room..
I love printing off my own pictures..i can have some rather quirky ones or inspirational ones..its up to me what i have..and the beauty is i can change them anytime i like.
I see lots of pictures and think o thats gorgeous..then Whammo you see the price of it..and i always walk away..i have been doing my own pictures for about 7years now..i like it because i can edit them or change the size and colour if i want so it fits my frames or mounting.I scour charity shops for frames and sometimes you get the odd picture that is amazing and also very cheap but that doesn't happen very often these days.
My mum loves the Art Deco stuff ,so when she gets a card with it on she frames it..her living room is full of looks very nice.
I think having the same colour frames helps as well..different sizes,styles and textures but all painted the same colour just add to the flow of the pictures on the walls..i used to just have dark frames,light frames and just a higgle of never felt or looked right to me.Now i do them all the same it looks like they belong and not a jumbled mess stuck on the wall.
In the living room i have white frames,dining room and hallway i have black just makes the actual picture stand out and compliment it even more if you get the right colour frame.
Its cheap to do..a tester pot and away you and cheerful.



  1. What a great idea!

    God bless.

  2. You do a lot of baking, and it all looks delicious!! Why don't you freeze half of it and bring it out when the first half has gone. You won't end up throwing any away if you do that. Love your ideas about the pictures.

    1. Hi Janice..i haven't thrown any away for ages was in the heat of the summer that it went off..i love my pictures and have quite a lot of just makes the house more homely


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