After all the hype

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i have heard of the John Lewis Christmas girls were urging me to watch it..i finally gave in..not that impressed..i am more impressed with the fake one to be honest.
I seem to be disappointed a lot these days with the adverts..whats is christmassy about watching people dance around in bright clothes with a cheesy grin plastered on their faces.
Come on people do a proper one..thats full of children and snow and Father Christmas..make it magical again and stop shoving your bloody crappy must have toys,dresses,shoes,gadgets down our throats.
Why not make one just because its Christmas not to sell your stuff..not that i rush out and buy it anyway.
And why is it on so early..that just ruins for us..i think they should ban them until the beginning of December at least.You can say i am Humbug or Scrooge..but i get tired of it all being pushed at me,the girls and even the bloody dog.


  1. I have a problem with adverts. Most of the time I can't work out the product! They are so "arty" and so busy selling you a "story" they forget the product, price or anything useful! My husband has the changer on a permanent alternative/music so he can swap channels as soon as the adverts start so he does not have to put up with me going "what???"

  2. I just mute them ..annoying aren't they


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