Why is it????

Hello all,how are you today?
I am a little baffled at the moment folks..i had to buy the girls some new slippers as the ones they have are falling to bits literally and Iris has the gift of wrecking footwear within weeks of having new ones.
Anyway,i was looking on Ebay and was puzzled as to why the girl slippers are much more expensive than the boy slippers.And when i have bought the girly ones they seem to fall to bits within months..especially the fluffy boot type ones..the heels go and the backs sag and they just look tired and awful really.
I have noticed over the last few years that girl clothes,shoes and slippers seem to have rocketed in price.Why i ask myself..ridiculous really.
So being as frugal as ever i had a look at the boys slippers..flipping heck ,half the price and look better made to be honest.
So now the girls have some boys slippers with proper bottoms and half the price..they actually love them so its a win win for all of us.
Have you noticed this as well..and i was gobsmacked that the slippers i bought for hubby and me were a lot cheaper than the girls ..ours were £5.50 a pair and the girls were £7.90 a pair..plus i bought myself some mens slippers as i refuse to pay extortionate amounts for ladies slippers..
Its just a bloody rip off to make parents pay more as they know we need them for the children..its unfair as i feel sorry for the parents that really struggle but want the best they can afford for them.Its pointless buying the really cheap ones as you end just buying more within a few months..and they don't really keep their feet warm..i know i tried it when my older girls were little..pay a few pounds for them but within weeks have to pay out more..a never ending circle.
Right now i am looking forward to my new men slippers arriving to keep my feet warm and toasty and half the price will make them feel that little bit more cosy.


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