Sorry is busy..

Hello all,how are you all doing?
As i say life has been busy around here for a today i am relaxing
I am watching the Toy Story films with the girls and eating peanuts..the spicy my mouth is on fire but feels good.
My camera has decided to give up on me so no photo's..thankfully i have clipart so that will have to do.I can't afford a new one and the one i have is still good but the card won't store my photo's and the cable is being a devil and not connecting my laptop to it..o well its a small thing and not a big problem.
So what have we been doing then..we have been extra busy with school work and doing all sorts of different things..which take a while to sink in..for example Division ..hubby found a great website that actually explains it all but in the most basic and easy way.We have been doing a few of those and also exploring Fractions.

My brother gave us a big bag of cooking apples..i had a small production line going in the dining worked very well and the rewards from it were amazing.I also managed to get some Carrots that didn't have fly in them from the allotment,these have been sorted and frozen for winter use. I did make some Carrot soup with some of them and some coleslaw for hubby and i.

We made a Farmhouse Apple and Sultana Cake..well i didn't the girls did..i let them measure it all out and read the instructions..they did really well and the cake was delicious..we also got 3 containers of Stewed Apples and a full jar of Apple Sauce.I think my dining room has just about recovered from the cake mixing.

Fern has been teaching Iris how to play Chess..and got her bum kicked after a few hours..they then played draughts and it was a draw.Iris was most pleased with herself..i can't play chess at all so Fern offered to teach her as she has no one to play her favourite game with.

We have been learning all about Italy..quite ironic as it was hit by 2 Earthquakes this week..absolute devastation for them. Shocking images .We made a huge collage of all the beautiful scenery and fun facts about Italy ..we will then lead this on to the Vatican City with the population of 800..smallest city ever.

We went a little crazy ordering books from the Library website..we have had the Halloween and Harvest Festival books..i found some Christmas ones and ordered those ..then Fern asked for some Roald Dahl books that she hasn't got. As for Iris well she is what you call a reluctant reader..she can read but just can't be bothered..i found a wonderful childrens author Russell Hoban..we had one of his books and she enjoyed i ordered the rest from the Library for her..he has worked with Quentin Blake and its like reading a Roald Dahl book to be honest..she loved it..the pictures were amazing and it was short and to the point which she loves the most.I think in the end i ordered about 6 for her.
I co-ordinate her Literacy work with what books we are reading ..i do the same for Fern but she has a lot more to do than Iris..Pinterest is a wonderful place and the teachers who pin the school work are amazing.
We have read Apple pigs and Johnny Appleseed quite a few times as we all enjoy these..
This book is an absolute must for us..its a really old copy battered but so much loved..
The copy of Johnny Appleseed is exactly the same as the one above..its such a good read..and we love to read it all the time actually not just in the Autumn.
Spare room....

It didn't look like this but felt like it 

Hubby and i finally got into the spare room and sorted it all out..the items i was selling on Ebay have gone and my daughter took a portable tv to the tip..just have 2 more of them and a computer monitor to go and thats done. We have packed away the fans and air conditioning unit after they were cleaned for use next year.I emptied out the huge wardrobe and sorted shelf is now my best China Serving dishes and spare cups and saucers.The shelf below has all my Christmas tins and table linen..the next one has rolled yp woolen blankets and the very bottom has all my tablecloths and napkins. Which means now my airing cupboard doesn't look like it has exploded. All my cushion covers are in a small box in the bottom of the wardrobe.This should make it easier and simpler for me to just get what i need without having to dig through piles of stuff.
One shelf on the wall is full of the girls school work and art work ready for inspection.The other shelf has Barbie stuff and jigsaw puzzles on it.
I made space on my big bookcase for the Christmas books and re arranged the rest of them.It does look much neater and tidier than before.

I gave away some big stuff on freecycle..people make me laugh..does it work? does it have batteries? and the best one was can you post it? no sorry..well i don't want it then..and some who wanted the items and arranged to collect them never turned up and never got in the next person on the list got them and she was lovely and very appreciative of the bits she got.
I also had some smaller sales on Ebay with the last 2 items..which freed up some space very small space but space nontheless..i also had an issue with a seller..who i think was lying and trying to wriggle out of giving me a  refund..i was patient and polite but i had enough after 3 weeks and asked for a refund..waited another week and still i got onto Ebay and opened a within 2 days i got my refund..amazing that was.
I bought Fern some long sleeved tops..she has grown like a weed and a beautiful one at that.
My daughter Fionna gave Iris a lovely winter coat..its waterproof,windproof and insulated..Iris loves it and in her favourite colour too.
My other daughter Andrea gave us her old fridge/freezer as its a small one and she needs a big will really come in handy to store my fruit in.
We made some Lavender bags for the airing cupboard and also refreshed the older ones. I get a lovely waft of Lavender everytime i open the door now.
I have borrowed some ceramics pots from my mum to keep my Spider plants in..they are growing really well and one is having little spider plant babies..yes..

Frugal things.
I got a refund from the electric company as i had over paid my Direct Debit..that was a nice surprise.
I cut the legs of 3 pairs of my old jeans to use for patches.
I made a lovely new picture for the just above my bookcase.
We have stuck to our meal plans and shopped accordingly for it.
Batched baked
Made soups and froze them.
I fixed a jumper that had a tiny hole.
I sewed 2 buttons onto my winter coat.
Got all the big jumpers and cardigans out..we haven't had our heating on yet and don't plan on it either..not yet anyway.
Hubby cleaned all the drains out and disinfected them.
I cleaned all the windows inside and hubby did outside..i also washed down the doors/frames and steps.
Put away all the garden furniture .
Hubby lined his shed walls with old kitchen actually looks really cool..he made shelving from scrap wood and also tool holders.
I spray painted 3 more tins for Christmas gifts..
Downloaded a free times table sing along for Iris
Downloaded some free school work and also some free pictures.
Received a £10 voucher..which i used to buy Iris a lovely smock top,i found a free delivery code and the top came to just under the voucher price..very happy with that.
I think thats about it..

Next week as the schools are going back we are taking our break.we have stuff lined up.
A nature walk
Conker picking
Scenting pinecones
Reading and generally having a nice relaxing time.

We are not having Fireworks this point as the girls really don't enjoy them.So instead of seeing our money go up in smoke we have offered a good deal. A new Dvd  and burgers,hotdogs and popcorn..whilst watching the new film..much cheaper and will probably last longer too.
So thats me all caught up folks..i will be back.


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