Leg update..wow look at that bruise.. Updated

Hello all,how are you today?
My poor hubby has got a lovely bruise coming..and a weird one as well.
Take a look..
 Its turned yellow all the way around his leg and the black bruising on his ankle is all swollen..this is the weird one as the slabs impacted where he is cut and never touched his ankle at all. His leg aches and throbs and he is having to rest it after walking for a while.
 That scab is nasty and has been weeping on and off..i have already told him if it gets any worse he is off to the doctors.

Updated..many many thanks to all of you for the caring and advise and especially to Marie and Lyn who emailed me and when i read them out to my hubby he looked a little sheepish and agreed to go to the doctors..the power the 2 ladies had is awesome so Thank You both of you.
My husband has been and got the all clear,no infection,no fractures or chipping of bones...he does however have serious swelling and it will take a while to go down. As my husband has to take Aspirin everyday as part of his  medication regime apparently he will bruise and bleed more easily and also take longer for the bruises to heal up.
We did the right thing by keeping the open wound clean and also making sure he rested it when he needed to..but the advice is to keep moving it and obviously rest it when he needs too but if it gets no better in a couple of weeks then he has to go back to see her.
All i can say is thank you all so much for the advice and also caring..it means a lot.


  1. Ouch!!

    I'm just having a catch up after being away for the weekend, and I'm having to re-instate my Blog List on the sidebar as it vanished completely in my absence.

    That looks nasty and you are quite right that if the sore doesn't start to heal pretty sharpish he should be at the doctors for some antibiotics.

  2. That does not look very good at all. I would get something from the doctor to help it heal.

    God bless.

  3. I'm sorry for your husband's trauma and wish him speedy healing. I would take him to be seen by a doctor to prevent MRSA and gangrene.

  4. Poor bloke, that looks really nasty. I tripped at the weekend too. I have two lovely bruised knees and a purple hand. Then I heard about several totally random people having a trip or slip of some kind. I think we all need to be a little bit careful

  5. He needs to see a DOCTOR ASAP!!!!

  6. That does look infected. He should get to a doctor to prevent blood poisoning. Hope it heals up soon.

  7. Hello - I have just popped over from Sue's blog having read your name on her side bar.
    I live in the Yorkshire Dales (and farm with my husband) but I do originally come from Lincolnshire (Washingborough to be exact) so I do like to make contact with other 'yellow bellies'. Incidentally, get him to the doctor's with that bruise - it looks nasty.

  8. That looks painful.
    Have you tried witch hazel or Arnica on the bruises?Don't put it on any unbroken skin though.
    Also Arnica tablets might help too.

  9. Is it any better, and did you get him to the doctor ... I am concerned that it's all gone quiet at your end :-(


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