I love Autumn

Hello all,how are you today?

As the clocks went back last night it was got dark quite early tonight.
How nice it was to put the chickens to bed early and then put the lamps on,close the blinds then draw the curtains.I have put the back door curtain back up..i know its not that cold just yet but i don't want to rush around to do it..i would rather preserve any warmth we have..just take the chill off the back porch.
The girls have got their big fluffy housecoats out for wrapping up in .
So far the weather has been quite mild but its going to change apparently .
We haven't had our heating on yet..we have cardigans,big jumpers,thick socks and slippers to keep us warm for now..the longer we don't have to use it for the better but i am not a scrooge i will have it on and when it is i like to keep our house at a nice even temperature .Our heating will be on for about 2 hours in the mornings and then another 2 hours late afternoon or evening..we don't bother having it on at night there is no point..we are all wrapped up in warm housecoats and have pj's and slippers on  and when we are in bed we have big quilts and lovely woolen blankets. Infact at times the blankets make it too warm but i am not complaining i would rather be a bit warm than chilly for sure.

I like this time of year..porridge with various toppings for breakfast,chunky soups,veg packed casseroles and all the puddings from childhood with creamy custard to "keep your insides warm" as my gran would say.

The colours at this time of year are gorgeous..our beautiful trees look like big yellow flames shooting for the sky,my Virginia Creeper is a ruby red.And everything seems to be slowing down and mellowing out .This time of year is when i tend to reflect on the things i have done through the year..how i hope i have made the most of our produce from the allotments and always grateful for freezers packed full of fruits and veg and all the good meals i have made from them.I always feel so appreciative of it.This time of year is when i tend to try and relax and just chill out before Christmas comes around and i get busy again.
I love Autumn..well i love all the seasons as they all have their  own merits but Autumn is my favourite.
The colours and all the misty mornings that swirl all over then finding all the spider webs covered in dew just seem to sparkle.The frosty mornings are just beautiful..that white crispy crunchy sound when you go outside..the coldness of the air..just makes you feel glad to be alive.


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