What a scorcher..

Phew it was a hot one today..but we shouldn't moan really..the last few days of Summer are going to be gorgeous ,so lets just enjoy them.
I had put the pool away for the year but out it came again this morning to be filled up ..the girls had a great afternoon splashing about and just laying on towels warming up again.
We are supposed to be starting the new shed roof this week..we have ordered it and paid for it and its being delivered tomorrow..but the weather is a bit warm for us to be ripping down the old one and putting up the new one..we are just going to enjoy the warmth and relax before the Autumn sets in properly.It will be done when it has cooled a little.
I hope that you all enjoy the days .


  1. We are doing the same! Relax and enjoy before it all disappears.


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