Macmillan Coffee morning and my son in law has hidden talents

Hello all,how are you today?
Today my gorgeous daughter hosted her Macmillan Coffee morning .She raised £75 .
Well done fi and was lovely and the cakes were delicious.
 My son in law Matt made these Shortbread fingers and lovely they were too
 He also made the Viennese god i had 4 of them
 This was his masterpiece a Bakewell tart..i didn't have any but the reviews were it was perfect.
 Fionna made the cupcakes and Fern and Iris ate quite a few of them and said they were lovely.
 Fionna made the cake doesn't it look good
 There wasn't much of this left when we went home
So all in all it was lovely morning,good food and good company..well done both of you.


  1. Wow, that all looks brilliant, and Matt looks like he is a very good baker, those Viennese Whirls and shortbread fingers look wonderful, as does the Bakewell Tart.

    I think he should apply for next years Bake Off ... even if it is on Channel 4.

    1. Hi Sue..o he loves the GBBO and watches it every week..he said it inspired him to have a go at doing it himself..he is brilliant.


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