Its a girl..well will be when she arrives..

Hello all,how are you today?
My lovely daughter Fionna is expecting a little girl..i know not everyone wants to know but they did and thats their choice.
Fionna has had to have a few scans to check as the baby wouldn't co-operate and they couldn't get a clear scan of the heart..but they have now and all is fine.
So little one is good and so is mum..she is swelling well as they say and the baby is quite a biggie .
A little pic of her ..


  1. Our daughter - due in 6 weeks is still not 100% sure its a girl, they thought so at the second scan but since then he/she has never been the right way round.. never had a good picture like yours - very frustrating! Patience needed - by me!

  2. I remember my second being a pickle at scans. I was sent on so many walls to try and get baby to turn.
    I'm glad grandbaby is looking happy and healthy :)
    X x

  3. Congratulations , and thankyou for the rub on transfers, xx

  4. Congrats. And thanks v much for the transfers

  5. Aww ... isn't technology wonderful. Congratulations to your daughter, and how wonderful to be welcoming another little girl into your family soon :-)

  6. I remember with my first baby I had to turn onto my hands and knees and stick my bum in the air to get her to turn so they could take a photo! Congratulation to your daughter xx

  7. Congratulations! I bet you can't wait to meet her :)


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