Had a trip to town..and growing up i think?

Hello all,how are you today?
Well today i went to town with my mum. We hit all the Charity Shops and Antique places as well..boy o boy how the prices have risen again.It was nice to just walk around and browse..so many beautiful things.I could have spent a fortune but i didn't..i saw lots of lovely things i would like/want,but then this little voice at the back of my mind was saying "o yes its gorgeous but where would i put it and do i really need it?". I'll be honest a few years ago i would have come home laden with stuff and then looked at it and thought what was i thinking!!!..but today i came home with a few nice bits that i thought were bargains and not crap.
 A lovely top for Iris..stunning and a nice price at £1.50
 A steamer,99p amazing  and it fits over my saucepan so i can steam my veggies or a pudding.
 An Estee Lauder handbag for £2..i didn't even know it was until i got home and had a really good look inside it and found the tag.
 A jigsaw puzzle for Iris as well..but both girls ended up doing them.

Not a bad trip at all.
I did appreciate all the nice things i saw but i didn't want them any longer..maybe i have got to the point in my life where i don't want things any more..just thinking back and realizing i don't want them is a major step.I didn't need the stuff i saw either so i didn't buy it. I am happy with what i got today.
I think being satisfied with what you have is key to being happy.It has taken me a long while to come to realize that i am satisfied with how my life is and how i live and that makes me happy.Its been a long road filled with hardship,debt and envy.
Envy of others o yes i admit i was totally envious..sometimes a little envy can totally inspire you or destroy you..that part is up to you and how you make it work for you.I admit i was totally envious of how others lead the life i always strived for,I didn't realize it at the time but simplifying our lives was what i deep down yearned for. So instead of getting down about it,i pulled myself up and instead of being envious i decided to turn it to be inspired by them.A few blogs and a good friend helped me see the difference,also talking to my hubby about how we wanted to be was a major turning point.We both wanted to be self reliant well as much as we could be and also lead a simpler life but enjoy it as well..and i think we are getting so into it now that we don't want to stop .

Think i am growing up ..


  1. Some great bargains, it is hard to find a charity shop which is reasonable these days x

    1. Hi..o yes its so hard to get a bargain these days ..and the prices are ridiculous ,you may as well just buy it brand new and be done with it.


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