Been in a daze and super busy

Hello all,how are you all doing?
Well as my title says i have been in a daze..well up until last Thursday and the whoosh my week went so fast.
As you all know i had an emergency extraction at the Dentist..once i had feeling back in my face it bloody hurt to talk let alone anything else..i was in so much pain and thinking i would have to go back as something surely was wrong it didn't hurt like this before..i was taking paracetomol to ease the pain..nope not working at all..i literally wanted to cry..then i discovered that i had actually been taking decongestants..both from a well known supermarket and more or less in the same style was only when i went to take another one that i discovered my mistake..i felt so stupid.
Thankfully i managed to sort that out and get it under control and now its all good..o i did feel like a bloody dip honestly.I lived on Cuppa soups and porridge for a bit and lost weight lol..its all back on now as i love my food too much to miss out.
But life went on and we got busy with it..we took off the old shed roof and put on a new one..the girls were helping by passing screws to their dad and i kept the drinks coming as it was warm..i started to paint our front porch trellis..had to stop as my mouth was throbbing but its almost done now..

Shed roof before
 Unfortunately we had to cut some Apple branches off but rest assured the apples went to good use.

Shed roof after

Now its waterproof we have been fixing up the outside and it will get a coat of paint and some new guttering we have been given.
The apples that had to be took early were a little sour so they were cooked and sugared and made into 3 huge crumbles and also pie filling and some apple sauce.
I have been sorting veg from the allotments and freezing freezer is nicely packed ready to see us through the Winter.
We have splashed a bit more cash and bought some blackout thermal for our bedroom and one for the living room..hoping it will make a huge difference to us ..i have finally found a seller who actually does these blinds wide enough to fit our dining room window..its very wide and not that deep. I am so excited to finally have one for this window..the sun blinds you for most of the afternoon what ever the season and also when the wind blows on it you can see the voile moving,they are not the best quality double glazed windows.So fingers crossed it will keep us shaded from the sun and warmer in the bad weather. Once it arrives i will take a picture.
The girls have been busy getting back into the school routine..admittedly last week was all over the place as i really didn't feel up to it..but no excuses this week.
I found some good French Lessons for them on Youtube..
They are wearing earplugs and i can hear them repeat the lessons..its quite nice to hear them.
We are concentrating on Autumn crafts and also learning all about the Harvest Festival and reading Autumn themed books i ordered from the library..i did buy them the Brambley Hedge ,Autumn and Winter books as a treat ..they have already gone through them and totally want the rest of the set..they will have to wait a little while i think.
We have put up our Autumn decorations..and have more to finish..
So its been busy here and i feel guilty i didn't post ..i see a lot of you have been busy too.
I have to admit i am enjoying the cooler days and looking forward to the changing colours of the trees.
How about all of you?


  1. So sorry you had a rough time with your tooth. The shed looks great. So do those apples.

    1. Hi Thank you..i feel much better now and the shed is waterproof for the first time in years..the apples are amazing


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