Are you comfy???

Hello are you doing today?
As you know we have a little dog Jack..full of boundless energy and always wants to play ..however at night time its a different story.
He is not allowed in the living room during the day but when the girls have gone to bed he comes in and sits with us..or sprawls over us is a better word.
The other night i walked in the room to find this..
Totally sprawled out and fast asleep..he has such a hard little life..guarding against any intruders including the darn sure Jack wants to get him but he settles for trying to rip our post to pieces instead.
A happy little fella who just totally relaxes ..bless him.


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    1. Hi Linda..he is a times but so cute at the same time..

  2. Awww, so sweet :-) My cats are the same, any place is good enough for a nap, but the best places include my laptop when I'm trying to work, my worktop when I'm trying to cook or my journal when I'm trying to write.

    1. Hi i type right now i have little tiny T-Rex arms as he is literally laid across me..he is looking at me like "when are you going to stop i am trying to sleep here"..he will move soon i hope.


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