Painting,Pickling and Plums..

Hello all,how are you doing today?
The weather here has been glorious and we have been enjoying it with the girls in the garden..when it has got too hot we have retreated  indoors,plenty of juice and icecreams.
The boys have been to the allotments and harvested more beans and tomatoes..also our Raspberry bushes are literally groaning with fruit. We have picked as much as we can for now and i have frozen a majority of it and gave some to my daughter who came with the twins yesterday.She in return brought us a huge box of Quaker Porridge that has been added to our pantry and it will hopefully see us through some chilly mornings.
As the weather has been nice i have been painting..i finished the gates off and hubby put them back up for me..they look much nicer than the black,peeling and going rotten set..hubby has sanded and filled holes also we put some aluminium on the bottom of one side to stop it rotting completely .


Shed door painted the same colour as i had some paint left

Front garden is coming along nicely,the grass seed took really well and the hedges are growing..we can't wait to take down the fence and let some more light in so the hedge grows quicker and thickens out

Flying ants were everywhere yesterday..hundreds of them . I tried to take pictures but the little sods wouldn't hold still lol,can you see this one.

 Our first crop from the Plum tree..beautiful and delicious as well..there are the same amount still on the tree but they are not quite ready.. this first lot will be made into Plum pudding and pies and crumbles
I pickled some Beetroot and tomatoes..they are an experiment really..
So thats what we have been up about you ?
take care


  1. A bit of gardening, a bit of picking garden produce, a bit of eating garden produce, a bit of dancing, a bit of socialising and a bit of relaxing. It's been a great day.

    1. Hi Mum,o lovely its nice to do bits of everything..

  2. We have flying ants on inside of the front door -ukkk

    1. O No..thankfully ours are down the garden..looked like a swarm when they took off..the girls were busy trying to shoo them away..

  3. The gates look wonderful, I love the colour. Flying ants...yuk...I hate the little blighters! Your home grown plums look gorgeous. I have total envy of having somewhere to grow food :) All we have managed are strawberries, potatoes and one illicit pea plant!


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