Making the little things pretty..

Hello all.
Firstly welcome to my new followers..Mickle in NZ,The 3 year challenge and Gaynor Hodson from Bloglovin..hello..welcome to my little bit of blogworld.
I like pretty things always have and always will but for me they have to have a function as well.The pretty china is used daily and cups and saucers too..i love glass ware as well..i don't store them away, i like to use them as they should be used. My table is set with old plates and glasses with pretty placemats or napkins and i love it.
I find that some of the things i like are getting more and more sought after and shops used to almost give them away ,now its exorbitant prices and half the time they are chipped and in some cases not even had a wash ewww...i saw some pretty tumblers in a charity shop last year and they had bloody lipstick stains around the rims..i didn't buy them a) because of the stains and b) the price was so high..i reckon they must still be there.
So back to them being functional..i was given an old sweet jar last year that has a lid..its just the right size for my cotton wool balls..and the lid keeps them clean..
I wanted to pretty it up and knew straight away where to go for some lovely label printables.... website is one i could lose myself in for hours ..i look through it all and its a shame i don't have enough frames to print out everything i house would be bursting with pictures.I printed off a label for my jar..what do you think?

Its only a small one ..i used the rest of the paper to make into little list size pieces.

I also painted my Buddha..he has been green for years and was looking very dirty and had some chips in him so i painted him white

He had 2 coats of white paint and is now dazzling.
take care


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