Little boys and their cars..

Hello all..i hope that your ok?
I am still a little grumpy today..we had a very disturbed night on Saturday/Sunday early hours.
One of the boys up the road and i use that term even though he is a grown man, decided to fix his mates car at 12.30 ..he had him revving the engine for a good 40 minutes until people started shouting out the windows at them went quiet after that but only for a few minutes..he then had him rev it one more time and then had him drive up and down the road for a good ten minutes.
He is such  PRICK yep thats right a Prick with a capital P..The most annoying thing is his mum was in the house at the time and never stopped him..i was tired anyway and having that knobber do that just tipped me over the edge,took us both ages to get back to of course Sunday we were both tired.
I saw him yesterday morning with a smirk on his face..that made my blood i reported him to the council..seems i wasn't the only one who had. I hope he learns his lesson this time..i did the same last year when he sat in his drive just revving his engine for a good hour nearly everyday...i just don't understand boys and their cars,its a case of look at me and my car aren't we special..yes dear your very special ;)..but they do say cars are a substitute for certain parts of the anatomy..haha..


  1. Be a shame if his petrol tank mysteriously got sugar in it...

  2. Hi would be total shame ;)..hopefully the letter from the council will calm him down

  3. Why do people have so much disrepute for others we had problems with neighbours at our last two homes its so annoying, I should have an afternoon nap lol xxx

    1. O yes he is very annoying but i can't sleep in the day time otherwise i would go for a nap
      I feel for you with noisy consideration at all.


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