End of the Summer..on the cusp of Autumn

Hello all,how are you today?
Well today is the last day of August..and we made it again.
All our bills are paid and we have some left over which is always good.
I sold a few items and used the money to buy the girls a lovely warm, water proof winter coat each.
My freezer is full of home grown veg and lots of puddings made from the plum crop..well half of it,the rest are just about ready.
I just can't believe how fast this year is going again.It seems five minutes since it was the beginning of the year.Maybe, as i get older i noticed how days and months go by quickly.

Autumn is on its way..its been getting dark earlier for a while now and there is a definite change in the air and a nip as well.
The garden spiders are starting to appear and all the shadows seem to be that bit longer in the garden.
Whilst walking we see tree's starting to change and the birds are starting to flock together.
This season arriving is also a favourite in our home.
The girls love crisp mornings and gather as many leaves as they can,conkers are collect when they are ready and acorns will be searched for.
We can sort of sit back a bit and relax before we harvest more crops and store them .Books will brought out that i have been buying all year ready for those days when its windy and rainy and we can cosy up and read.
Hubby and son will be planning and rotovating the allotments,getting them ready to receive the manure that will be spread on them.
Cardigans will be got out and slippers sorted,casseroles and warm puds will be served.
Its sad to see the end of summer and we wish it could stay a little longer just keep us warm and have some more fun filled water splashing days,lazing around the garden cloud watching and just having a good day.
All good things come to an end as they say..thats maybe true but i see at as all good things come to an end to be followed by more good things.I think the ending of seasons makes you appreciate them all the more.So heres hoping for a few more warm days before we say good bye.
What about all of you..are you looking forward to Autumn?
Whats your favourite thing about it?


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