Been busy and more allotment harvests..

Well its been quite busy here at Flowertot Mansion..we have been getting all the school stuff sorted and i have been printing work and also buying some supplies on sale.
I have bought some new reading books for the girls as well..these will be used as Literacy work for Fern and Iris through out the next year..i re-organized the big book cases in the dining room and had a really good clear out as well..amazing the clutter i kept really..but by clearing out i have opened it up and got some more space to store the things we do need,its not all shoved in now and looks so much neater.
The old books we had we listed on Ebay and sold them.
I also sold 3 more items of clothing and a hat so thats extra.
I had a mega baking session that will hopefully last a while..
A cinnamon loaf
 These are Cinnamon Doughnuts i found the recipe on Pinterest,they are light and fluffy and also baked in the oven..i made 12 and have 0 left..they disappeared very quickly and just seemed to melt in your mouth..these were an experiment for the Autumn ..i love doughnuts when they are all warm with a nice hot choclate or milky coffee as a way of warming up when its chilly outside..these can be made in less than 20 minutes.
 Fern and Iris made some Maids of Honour..
 Our Raspberry bushes are starting to fruit well..they are late fruiting ones so hopefully in the next few weeks we will have some more..
 More beans..
 I made some pasta sauce with courgettes,onions and tomatoes all grown by tastes delicious..and i know its chunky but that how Iris and i like our pasta sauce with a bit of crunch in it.
 Our plums are coming..and boy are they delicious.
 Some of the tomatoes from the greenhouse and juicy and very sweet..
We have been watching the Olympics..we cheered Mo Farrah on and also Jessica Ennis Hill..bless them both they did great..also the boys from the swimming medley going to toe to toe with the Americans..just amazing well done to them as well.
The gymnastics have been memerising..well done to Max Whitlock for his gold and also Louis Smith getting a proud of them all
Apparently its going to be hot next week..i hope so we need some nice warm days to just round off our Summer..a few bbq's and days in the pool will be great to relax and chill out to.
take care all


  1. Your garden produce looks lovely. This is a busy time of year getting it all harvested and processed.

    God bless.

    1. Hi Jackie..o yes its very busy but so worth all the hard work

  2. Ooooh, cinnamon doughnuts, they sound right up my street.

  3. What a beautiful harvest. You and your family are blessed with abundance! Maids of Honor must be an English pastry. Just the name sounds so British! Love it.

    1. Thank you we are very blessed and lucky..o the Maids of Honour were delicios and have all gone now..

  4. Could you please pass on the recipe for the cinnamon doughnuts? I'd love to try them.


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