A day out in all its glory..and a Crappin recipe

Hello all, how are you doing?
We went to our favourite place on Thursday..spent an entire day just wandering.No phones,no internet..it was fabulous..we were shattered when we got home and boy did we all sleep well.
I made a picnic and drinks for us..we also took our kite..unfortunately there was no wind only a light breeze..which was weird as usually at the top of the hill its always windy..but not that day.. o well next time.
Iris and i did manage to attract a swarm of little flies that followed us just hovering above our heads for a good hour or so..we finally lost them in the woods..it was quite annoying being dive bombed by lots of small black flies.We either smelt like a cow pat or a flower..i prefer a flower.
We had a great time..just sitting and watching the world go by..lots of does and stags about with the babies..also a very brave little squirrel took its time to go past us and climb up to safety..he was in no hurry what so ever..neither was the little jack rabbit..we just sat and watched,which in itself is a miracle as the girls were quiet.
Here are some gorgeous pics of our day..

 We did pop in the second hand book shop..i found this recipe book..it has some really good recipes.
 This one made me chuckle though..not a good name really..
Take care all


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