49p makeover..

Hello all ..how are you today?
Well i did a mini makeover on my fireplace in the dining room..my mum gave me a marble hearth as she had bought a new one.
Our fireplace is a totally homemade job..my hubby made it out of pallets a few years ago now..we needed one but couldn't afford one so he made it..brilliant isn't he.
It was looking a bit tired and had some marks on it..so to make the hearth fit we had to strip the fireplace to bits ,shorten it in length and then put it back together..which he did in an afternoon.
I bought these little letters for 49p off Ebay and decided where to put them and hubby glued them on then it was a quick couple of coats of paint and bingo i have a lovely and very unique fireplace..for the grand total of 49p..what do you think.
The hearth my mum gave me

Letters glued on

It looks a bit grubby

A crack that had been filled and fixed..

All painted and looking good.

I put my Enid Blyton books on it and some little bits as well..
I like it..not bad for the price either.
take care


  1. That looks so pretty! And I love your book collection!
    Margaret P

    1. Thank you..i love Enid Blyton..i buy them cheap from charity shops or Ebay..i will build up my collection again..

  2. Now that was really neat and very frugal, clever man!
    Do your girls enjoy Enid Blyton? I grew up with her books and I'm sure that it is thanks to her (and my mum!) that my love of reading developed and blossomed.

    1. Hi..o yes my hubby is clever chap and you would never know its made from pallets would you..
      Fern loves reading them Iris listens to Fern reading them out loud..i had a vast collection when i was younger but unfortunately they were passed to younger sister and brothers and got ruined..i would absolutely devour the books when i was little..often found sitting on my own just reading..i love to read..and Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter are totally responsible for it..


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