You go girl!!!

We have a new Prime Minister and not just any Prime Minister..a female Prime Minister.
She is not the first and hopefully she won't be the last.
Wether you like her or not you have to admit she has done well.
Also i have to say i don't care for the tone of some folks who have criticized her for not having children.
So what!
She can't have children a huge difference to not wanting children.Maybe she will be more dedicated without having a family to distract her whose to say..maybe politics is her child..we will never know..but i wish her well.
I believe that she will do a good job..i am not a Conservative by the way.
Like Margaret Thatcher she will be remembered for being a role model and a Prime Minister..something that is still a male dominated area.
I am hoping that she can change the male oriented political area with her being in charge and she places a few good,strong and determined women in her cabinet.As i said, like her or not she has done well.


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