Worn out but happy.

Hello all,how are you?
What strange weather we are having just lately..muggy as hell but windy,all i can say is thank god for the wind otherwise it would be unbearable.
We had a day out on Thursday..up to Belton.How ironic is it that Fern's old school class was there for the school trip. We skillfully avoided them and disappeared into the gardens and woods.
I must say though we bought 3 cold drinks..just 3 2 cartons of juice and bottle of pop..£5..bloody hell £5..and they weren't even that cold or big. We did take our own but we like to treat the girls to a sit down drink,next time i will sit down for a drink but use our own.
So here are some pics of our day..
 These fellas arrived at our picnic bench..for some reason my hubby thought i called them Steve..so now every time we see one he is called Steve..
 Fern took her Camcorder..looking totally disgusted in this pic..the ducks below were under our bench and as the female left she pooped..we were hysterical..we heard it..it sounded like a wet fart..she got it on film.

 In the playground..on the seesaw
 This is dad spinning them on a round a bout..Iris got off as she felt dizzy..

 Fern stayed on and got more than she bargained for..
 It was then we saw her old school class..she didn't really want to see them so we legged it down a path off to a little quiet part and spent some time looking around..
I spotted this Robin just sat there..can you see him?
 Somethings nest in the tree..we couldn't see properly if anything had been in or was still in there.
 We went to the secondhand book shop..we found some old gardening books and a cooking book..also some ladybird books and Fern bought The little town on the Prairie for herself..Iris was disappointed as she couldn't find anything she wanted..next time i am sure she will.The chaps who run the book shop are lovely,so welcoming and polite,its really nice in there and not expensive at all.
 We made our way to The Orangery..this is the first time we have been in there and actually had a guide.His name is Michael and he was so full of information and gave us a guided tour.
The beautiful ornamental pond..we did throw money in and made a wish

 The guide showed us the Squirrel foot fern
 Flora the goddess of Spring
 Shrimp plant
 and the Angels Trumpets..beautiful but deadly.
We had our lunch in a little spot we found years ago..then it was off to the woods..we saw lots and i mean lots of Deers with their young..also a very large amount of Stags. I took plenty of cobs and cakes for us..we took some crisps as well as i figured we would walk them off by the time we got home.The girls new walking boots were amazing..no one complained about aching feet or blisters,so i think they were worth the money i paid for them

 Iris took this..its a bit wonky but clear
 Finally up to the woods..lots of nettles but you can walk through them with the little pathways

 Lots of tree snails..very pretty and colourful.

 We spent ages in the woods..we just sat and eventually we saw some squirrels and some rabbits bobbing up and down..a lot of birds and we just enjoyed the total quiet of the place..its good to get totally away from it all now and again.
 We headed home and stopped to admire more deer and fawns..o and there is Steve again in the back ground.

The weather wasn't too hot and not cold..a nice breeze for us as well..the girls were absolutely shattered when we got home..they ate all their tea and had a bath then early night..i call that a great day out.


  1. It looks like you had a really good day out.

    You really can spend a fortune if you start buying food and drinks can't you. It's nice that so many of these houses let you take a picnic now, but I guess they are secretly hoping you will run out of food or drink and have to top up at their cafes.

  2. Hi Sue..we love going there..its an escape from it all for us..we don't buy the drinks often but had a treat..next time i won't..So expensive..we took our picnic with us ..it was lovely.


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