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Hello all,how are you all today?
Well i didn't actually see these parents on This Morning but i have read about them.
Every parent actually parents in a different style..but i find the breastfeeding strange at his age but hey ho up to the mum.
I think personally its ok to be a liberal parent but children need firm boundaries and also a routine.
I really think the no vaccinations is incredibly idiotic..these vaccines are there to protect the children from diseases and i have had all of my children vaccinated so no nasty little bug is going to hurt them.

I suppose people could criticize me ..i home school,let them run wild (in the back garden).
I have firm boundaries in place for my children ..set bedtime and a good routine as well.
They seem to thrive on it,they know where they are and what they are doing.
I like being a liberal parent..we talk to our children,teach them show them then let them go and find out for themselves.I am not perfect at all but the need to protect my children is strong so i do use the doctors and vaccinate them..ridiculous that they haven't.

We are trying so hard to be self sufficient ourselves.
We grow our own food,have chickens and desperately try to not be a drain on anyone.We don't ask for hand outs or money from strangers to live our dream.
To live our dream which at the moment is how we are..we have worked hard..no debts,no credit cards,nothing on the never never..what we have we own.
As for going to Costa Rica to set up a new life..bullcrap..you have to be vaccinated for that..if they don't then they won't make it.What is wrong with doing that in England..its beautiful place and you certainly don't need a Go Fund me page to do that..get off your ass and get a job..save,save and then go for it.
I have to say the more i write the more annoyed i am getting with them both..its ok to be an airy fairy parent but for crying out loud don't push it out there and not expect any backlash.

O and one more thing i have never heard of breastmilk and lemon juice to cure a cold..
I really don't think you can call it Off Grid Parenting..to me that means you live in the back of beyond with no power and live a totally self sufficient life.. these two in my view practise the " I can't be arsed parenting"..you may think its harsh but i don't .
One day when their children are so out of control and they can't cope they are going to think what have i done..that day will come..
What do you think on this ladies/gents?
Am i being mean ?
But at the end of it all is it really any of our business?
take care


  1. Dear Sara
    It wouldn't be any of our business if they just quietly lived the way they chose to (although there may be repercussions for the children as they grow up). However, by advertising the way they choose to live in the media, they should be prepared for the opinions of people reading/watching them. More fool them if they didn't think about this!
    Best wishes

    1. Ellie..you put it how i wanted too..if they choose this way to live fine..but you really don't need to tell the world and not expect people to have an opinion..well we will see in a few years no doubt..

  2. It's a tough one. In many ways I think leave them to it. Everyone parents differently. I definitely disagree with people giving them money to move to america! That is ridiculous and what does it teach the children about life?

    1. Hi Sarah..like i say everyone parents differently so who is to criticize them..and i totally agree about the money..you have to work for it not be given it.

  3. he he...the kids will grow up to be an accountant and a librarian and the parents will wonder where they went wrong.


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