Trash to fab in 2 coats of paint..

Hello all, how are you all today?
Well the weather is just right at the minute..warm with a breeze.
My lovely hubby is slowly emptying his huge shed at the bottom of the garden..he has found things he thought he had lost and things he can't remember buying..its a treasure trove in there.
He did find this..
 One of the old style huge tins..a bit grubby on the outside
 and definitely needed a really good scrub on the inside..
 I got out my trusty spray paint..its an enamel paint and needed a lot of hasn't been used for a while.

 2 coats of paint later and some drying in the sun and bingo i have a gorgeous new tin..this is going to be used for chocolates at will be filled with lots of ones that we like from a shop that sells bags of chocs for £1 and they are massive.
It needs to dry properly and also the smell of paint needs to be gone..i reckon a good week of airing and it will be ok..and hubby wanted to dump look at it.
take care all


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