School work day to day..

Hello all.
Thought i would give you a little insight into our school day..
On Sundays i plan and print all lessons for the week..takes me all afternoon and then some to plan it print and sort it.
As i have 2 different ages to teach it can get quite overwhelming at times ,yet i take a deep breath and carry on.
Firstly they do Handwriting..i think this is important and its always nice to see how they have progressed over the months.
Then its on to different things.
Fern is doing Homophones,Synonyms,Antonyms,Verbs and Nouns..she has mastered these quite well and is now on to Punctuation and how to use them correctly. Its a real eye opener from when i was at school.
Iris is doing Beginning Sounds and Diagraphs..ending sounds basically..she also has work sheets that she has to read and then answer questions on..Comprehension work.
They read to me and then practice their weekly spelling list.
They are then handed over to Dad..who does the Maths with them.At the moment its Money Problems..not as in Household Budgets but simple ones for them to work out. Also they do their Times Tables Daily..they have to do one a week and then they are tested on it.
We both teach History together and the Topics we have decided upon as well.
We have signs up for what day it is and also in French too.
They will have a break in between and go out to play whilst i sort out and get stuff ready for the next lessons.
We normally have a relaxed afternoon..we have been working on the human body and we are enjoying it so experiment with the balloons as lungs went down well..until i used the balloon pump to show them again and the balloon popped..making us all jump and i said thats what happens when you breathe to was a joke but they looked i had to quickly reassure them i was joking and it wouldn't really happen.
Then after an hour on that they can go and read or play outside which is dependent upon the weather.
They do have a computer each and only go on them in the evenings..and for about 30 minutes.
I love teaching them, and we put no pressure on them to get it right. I don't care if it takes 10 times to learn something as long as they enjoy it.
We do make a big fuss of them when they get it right ..they get Gold Stars and stickers from  me to encourage them onwards and upwards.
 This is Fern's Work on The Twits..its a whole months worth of lesson plan..but she is totally enjoying so it will be done before that.

 Her list of last weeks spellings..all correct
 This Iris's can see her Sight Words and also the Beginning Sounds Chart we use
 All correct
 Her Reading Comprehension work sheets

 I love these..
 This is amazing..i love Dr.Seuss..the worksheets and books are all brilliant and so easy for the little ones to start reading and writing.I bought the books from a Charity Shop for under £3..we have about 6 of them i think. Its the rhyming that goes in and stays in.

Afternoons like i say are relaxed and sometimes they go to the allotment, we think its important that they know exactly where the food they eat comes from and also the hard work that goes into growing it and then tending to it until its time to harvest it all.
We don't lie about where food comes from..we told them in a very nice way that the Sausages they love come from Pigs and also Chickens are bred to be food and lay eggs..they understand and accept it.
They understand that we don't have a lot of money and that we like to be as self sufficient as we can be.
The Motto Make do and Mend is our favourite..they always check if we can re use something before throwing it away.

I like the way they have grown and ask some really good questions that they have thought about and can't figure it out.
So that is a school day..well more or less..everyday is different and i try to make it fun and interesting for them


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