Look what my son grew for me..

I love flowers except Lillies and Tulips..i sneeze and swell up when they are around.
I can't afford to buy them every week..i do from time to time buy the reduced ones but only if they are still freshish.

Anyway for ages he has been saying about Sweet Williams at the allotment..so today he bought all of these home for me and has the same amount and more getting ready to bloom. Hopefully this will keep me in flowers for a while.
 Aren't they just divine..beautiful colours

 Some of my birthday flowers are still going strong as well.
 I swapped a few cushions around..this one has a spelling mistake..Fern spotted it first..can you?
take care


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! That was so sweet of your son to bring some home for you!

    1. Hi Debbie..o they are beautiful..and still going strong.


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