July 1st..blimey this year is going fast..

Hello all..thank you so much for the well wishes for my back.
I am much better..still hurting but now i can sleep and get up and down with out having a bolt of lightening shoot up my back. I used a mixture of warmth and cold to ease it and also painkillers.Having a nice warm bath was so good..and 2 little girls and a hubby who helped me out so much was a godsend .
So i am kind of back to normalish,if i ever was .
I have missed not being able to run around and do what i want so its been a long week and very frustrating for me.
Anyway back to now..where has this year gone? I can't believe its another month.
All our bills are paid for another month and we made it with some cash to spare..that will be saved for Christmas. Yes i know i said the dreaded word but its coming and i want to be ready and spread the cost of it.We don't spend vast amounts any more but what i do buy i want to know its with cash i actually have in my pocket and not borrowed from one bill to do it..make sense..well it does to me.
I have started to buy little gifts already to put away..i don't spend a lot on them and always always look for a bargain.
I am making some gifts again this year and they will be planned out and made in time.
I am giving Jams and Chutneys as well as Raspberry Gin and Blackberry Whiskey..cheap booze fancied up in little bottles..went down really well last year and i have had requests for more this year .I will make Peppermint Creams and Strawberry Creams as well..which disappeared rather quickly so i know they will be welcomed.
I have already got wrapping paper and tags that we made ourselves from last years cards..we don't need decorations as we have 30 years worth..as for food that will be a few items a week or month to add to the pantry.
So i have most of it under control..i know folks don't want to hear about Christmas in the middle of Summer but now is the time to prepare for it and work out your budget..buy one gift or extra food and put them away ,you will be surprised how quickly it adds up,that way there is no rush and no panic buying at the last minute,which you don't want to do as you always end up spending much more than you can really afford.
I am not preaching or saying you should..each to their own..but if your a seasoned veteran of Christmas like us you probably do this anyway..if your a newbie then try it..it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
I am asking the girls to do their list of things they would like again this year..but this week end is the time for them to do it..that way i actually get a really good idea of what they like and look for bargains on items.Some may say its too early and they can change their minds..thats true but i found they don't..you just keep reminding them..and my 2 have already asked for one item each and told me they again want a surprise..last year they did this and totally had no idea of what they were receiving and it made it so much more fun for them.
I have a little book and i write down what i have and for who it is and also what i am giving others..makes it so much easier..i take it with me when i go shopping and if i find a good bargain then it will be put in the book and given to the person i think will like it.

This time of year is almost ideal for buying small gifts..the shops are concentrating on Summer sales and often have gift sets going really cheap,also clothing like gloves,scarves and hats..this make great little gifts.

Meal planning over the celebration period also helps..buying only what you know you will definitely eat and your guests..i hate buying food that we don't eat but guests really like and then they don't eat it.So i don't do that anymore.

You want to enjoy the day and not  be harrassed and running around doing it all on the day..plan it,budget for it and then sit back and enjoy all your hardwork.

I have people say " O it takes all the fun out of it if you plan it all "..nope it doesn't..it means i am not running around like a looney trying to buy this and that with no money..buying tons of food that may or may not get eaten,filling a trolley that i can't pay for..no thank you..i would rather do it all this way and know i am ready and not out of pocket.
What do you think and do you start planning and budgetting for Christmas about now or earlier or later?


  1. What a great blog post, I'm totally with you on starting early for Christmas and planning and budgeting. I've already made one Christmas present and I have started my list of gift ideas. I will also start buying an extra item or two when I'm food shopping and start to put it away once our holiday is over at the start of next month. Until then the extra bits get put away for our holiday so we have a few extra treats.

    1. Hi ..yes i had to learn the hard way about getting ready for big ocassions but now its a fulfilling thing to do..i like doing it and sorting it out and grabbing a bargain along the way..also the extras that are treats..

  2. With you all the way - I have been knitting and sewing gifts since March and stashing them away and the 'Christmas' box came out last week - I put one item of grocery shopping in it each week and it helps towards that last big shop before Christmas - -there's presently only a tin of fruit and a trifle mix sitting in it at the moment, but it will soon fill up xx

    1. O so glad you are..it just gives that extra peace of mind i think to know you have something put away..good on you for knitting and sewing the gifts..i love homemade gifts

  3. I'm right there with you! Already have a few things tucked away for gifts. A few cross stitched cards stiched and decorations knitted.
    It feels good to be ahead of the game :)

    1. It does feel good doesn't it..i like to have a lovely little stash and bring it all down and think Wow..i did that.


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