Impossibly cute..and o so tiny.

Hello all,how are you all doing with the was cooler today but very lovely to be able to move without turning bright red and sweating all over. I looked like a beetroot yesterday,i weeded the front path and cleaned up my took me ages to cool down afterwards.
Back to our little cute friend..Fern and Iris were playing on the space hoppers earlier and all of a sudden Fern screamed "Stop no body move"..i wonder what on earth ..she dived on the grass and picked up this little chap..she has really good eyes and spotted him hopping in the grass and saved him from being squashed by a space hopper..
See just how tiny he is..
 He is under the lily pad leaf..can you see very cute as well..we spent a while looking for any more but didn't see any..hopefully we haven't squashed any oops!!


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