Grandma's sewing machine saved..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well as my thrifty life kicks in to full swing we have been recycling and upcycling and mending all things possible. We are quite enjoying ourselves and seeing what we can actually do for ourselves. Opened our eyes to the possibilities and they are endless.
We inherited this sewing machine many years has never been used by us at all.
It has just been stuck in the box gathering dust.
We want to teach the girls to use a sewing machine..we do have electric one but i am totally terrified they may sew their fingers as it goes very fast.
I did splurge and buy a childs sewing machine and whilst it works its very very tiny..note to self ,check sizes before buying. This particular item is going back on Ebay.
After a little tinkering and oiling my hubby got it isn't he just amazing.We also have a box full of needles that will fit it and the shuttle is still in and working.
Here are some pictures of his Grandma's Antique machine..

Its fab..and now working thats one more thing we have saved.
take care


  1. That is a fab machine and just great to learn on. After all I did (50 years ago!). Also it probably sews better than a cheap electric one. Not long ago I saw a men's clothes shop window decorated with about 200 of these old black machines on metal racks. My friend and I stood outside spotting ones we had used for ages - much to the amusement of the spotty sales youth inside!

  2. Hi Trish..o i bet that display looked good..spotty sales youths just don't appreciate things the way we do.
    It sews really well and the girls just love it too..


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