Gone spotty with the fan

Hi again.
My son bought himself a new fan this week..it looks like a dalek stood in the corner of his bedroom but boy does it cool it all down in there.Its so nice and refreshing to go in his room now.
Last year we bought him a desk fan..we couldn't afford to get him a big one..he was grateful for the little one we got him,now he is working he bought his own..i don't blame him really,his room gets so warm.
Anyway he gave me the little fan..i have been using it in the kitchen and living room..its nice to have a light breeze whilst baking or ironing.
I saw some lovely painted fans on Pinterest but i can't afford 3-4 tins of spray paint and i can't justify the expense either.
One thing i do have in abundance though is Coloured Dots and also time.

So my plain white fan is now a multicoloured dotty fan..
Quick and easy to do and its unique..no one else has one like mine..


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