Flipping typical..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i had my lovely whites on the rotary drier earlier today.
I had noticed that over the last month or so it had started to lean slightly..i never paid it any attention at all,our garden has a slight slope ,so i in my wisdom assumed it was leaning that way..doh!!!
I was watering my little plants in the front border,the girls were playing..hubby was sorting out the greenhouse..we all heard a crack then a whoomp.
The girls started to shout and hubby went running thinking they had hurt themselves or something had fell over.
O yes something fell over all right..my rotary drier had snapped in half and fell into the fish pond..with all my whites.
Grrr..we fished them out no pun intended and now i have 2 buckets of whites soaking again.
Not only did they get pond water all over them but the netting on top is very dusty and grubby..so now i have stains as well..
Like i said flipping typical..why couldn't it have gone when the dark colours were on it,no it waited til my whites were on it..
Its not a disaster in the grand scheme of things just annoying.
Now i have a hobbit size rotary drier..well at that size the girls will be able to put laundry out for me..always an upside.
Take care all


  1. Oh no! I hope you are able to get those stains out. Have you tried soaking them overnight in with Dawn dish washing detergent? That gets out most stains for me.

    1. Hi Debbie..i soaked them over night in Biotex and got them out ..what is Dawn washing detergent..


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