Drones..good or just annoying?

Hello all,how are you today?
Its going to be lovely again.That pool is calling.
Yesterday as i came out my back door i spotted a drone..probably over the playing field at the back of us.
Fair enough he was over the field but then it came over the gardens and hovered for a while..then went then came back and stayed for a good ten minutes..floating around the gardens of my neighbour and us.
I have no problem with people having drones just don't hover over my garden..it was a fancy one with a camera that we could see swivelling around.Harmless i should think so..just a kid playing with his new toy.
But what if it wasn't..i really don't appreciate being spied on in my own garden..its private and i never gave permission for them to film us ..in the end i gave it the finger and we went in..the girls looked out the spare room window and it was still there.It had disappeared when i went out after bath time to have a sit in the garden.

It was a quiet one and i really wouldn't have known it was there if i hadn't seen it..makes me wonder how many times it has been there..i really don't think there are any laws regarding the drones coming over your gardens..but surely filming someone without permission is illegal.
I certainly don't appreciate the fact that he could be spying on us.
What do you think ladies/gents?


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