Hello all,how are you today?
Well as my post says i am feeling disappointed. Why you may ask?
I will tell you.
Many years ago i had a gorgeous old fashioned type writer..it was a dream to use and i would type for ages on it..my older girls would sometimes play with it but it was all mine.
The day came when it just wouldn't work and the keys were broken and i couldn't find a ribbon for it..no such thing as ebay back then.
So it got dumped. Shame really,thinking back i should have kept it and fixed it up but the parts were ridiculously expensive and not easy to get hold of.
For years now i have wanted to replace it..call it a whim if you like but i do love the clack of the keys the sound of the ping and just moving the carriage back and forth.
So with some of my birthday money i decided to have a look for one..after weeks searching i found one that was within my price range and looked amazing.It was also described as working.
This one..
Its a Remington International Office Typewriter..i was so excited and couldn't wait for it to get here.
It arrived well packed and on time..however it doesn't work.
The carriage is broken and won't return..this is the only problem on these machines that cannot be fixed and is now only good for spares or repair..We haven't been able to find a one to repair it. So now i am stuck with it. We have repacked it and its sitting in the spare room..we are currently deciding its fate.
I did get a full refund from the lady i bought it from so no problems there.
But i am disappointed.
Have you ever waited a long time to replace something only to end up disappointed with it.


  1. What a shame :-(

    This post brought back lots of memories for me. I used to type on one of these when I worked for Pickfords NFDC (the new furniture delivery division of the removals company). I was actually in the accounts department but when the two typists got very busy those of us that could type fast were called on to help type up the load lists quickly.

    I hope you can find a working replacement for it.

  2. Hi Sue, it brought back memories for my mum too..she was a typist before i was born.
    I was so disappointed but nevermind i will find one sooner or later


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