What a week,,

Hello all,how are you today?
Thank you all for the Anniversary messages ..
Well today is my birthday..so this week we have had Fathers Day,Anniversary for us and our Daughter and also my birthday and tomorrow is my brothers birthday..so pretty hectic here.
I received some gorgeous gifts today..perfume,choclates,flowers..plus a new houseplant and a Victorian Cutglass Ink Well plus a new watch and some storage tins and also some money..and for tea tonight we are going to treat ourselves to Chinese Takeaway..for the all the family to enjoy.
I am going to need a few days to recover from all the activity this week.
Plus today is the day Britain decides ..have you voted yet..i won't ask what you voted for as its your business.
I took advantage of the weather today and cleaned my windows inside..better to do on a cooler day but it made me sweat.
I have cut my sons hair.
Sold 2 more items on Ebay and listed some more items too.
I got my laundry dry on the line and got out my clothes horse again..i really don't want to use my tumble drier..but obviously i will if i have to.
We have been given a weather warning for this afternoon and early evening..it is very very muggy here..
I put more rubbish out for the refuse men this week and now i have more room in my spare room.
Soon i am hoping it will be almost empty apart form the wardrobe and toy chest..i am desperate to have it empty and all thoroughly cleaned..i can't get the hoover in properly to do it..so frustrating.
I am going to have a nice relaxing bath later and out my feet up with some chocs and watch rugby..
take care all


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