What an end to the day..

Hello all,how are you today?
It was lovely again today and we spent most of the day outside..so i took my trusty camera and went looking for things to photograph.
So this post is mostly photo's.
 We found a little frog hiding under the slide..

 My one and only Foxglove..
 Apples just starting to bud
 Plums and more plums..the tree is covered in them
 Pears..hoping to get more than 10 this year
 I have lots of Poppies all over the garden..i leave them as i love them..i have lots of yellow ones and only 2 orange ones..

 Laundry on the lines and i can't believe how big the Bullrushes have grown in a matter of days
 An old timer having a sun bathe
 The rest of the fish were hiding under the Lillies

 Red Jasmine..flowering away..isn't it beautiful..i eventually would like it to go up the wall and also cover the fence panel in that corner.

 Our Grapevine..its doing well and has little tendrils ready to grab on to the trellis
 The green house with the Cucumbers,courgettes and melons in

 A little staging area for some more seedlings..
 Fruit bushes on the top
 And Mr.Snail..probably looking for his next meal..
And now i am sat here with thunder and lightening and heavy rain..well at least the garden and allotments will be happy .
But i do like the storms..i love the way the sky lights up and the deep rumbles that almost shake the house.
The smell after a storm is beautiful..so fresh and clean ..and now my little frog is croaking away..i hope he manages to catch some bugs.
Unfortunately the rain has caused flash flooding and i heard that a tornado touched own somewhere..i hope that every one is ok and safe.


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